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At AxisTech, we provide data solutions that deliver high value and ease of functionality for the user by enabling data to be used for useful insights and analysis for various purposes including business operations, data-driven decision-making and research and sustainability.

AxisStream – one place for your agrifood data

AxisStream is a data management platform that enables any and all data to be stored in one place and provides the ability to reuse data for analysis. AxisStream has a variety of functionalities for on-farm and business, and data from our devices can be linked directly into AxisStream. Our processes include – Data Mapping, Data Engineering, Standardisation, Ingestion & Storage.

Data Mapping

At AxisTech, we know that all data has value regardless of its shapes and forms. Therefore, we are happy to work with any records, including paper-based or electronic, and those stored locally or with third parties. The first step we use in data processing is to complete Data Mapping to identify the source, format and scope of data a client has. This includes, identifying opportunities to streamline the data collection process. Data mapping may be described as outlining the current state of play of a client’s data, so that our engineers can identify the steps and processes required to extract, transform and finally store the data in ready-to-use formats

Data Engineering, Standardisation & Ingestion

The next step is Data Engineering, Integration & Standardisation or building out the processes to access, extract and store data in a standard fashion. This could be from a variety of different sources like physical documents, spreadsheets, apps and cloud databases.

At the end of this process the data will be stored in the AxisStream database to be used in reports, analysis and data sharing. We have a growing number of integrations with several other platforms, such as Stockbook®.

Data ingestion involves the transportation of data from assorted sources to a storage medium where it can be accessed, used, and analysed. An important aspect of data ingestion is knowing what a client needs, and how to provide that.

Data Analytics

With the data stored in AxisStream, with the previous steps, our developers then use the data in reports, dashboards and maps. This could mean providing analytics on things like business trends, profitability margins and efficiency considerations. It may also mean offering sustainability insights, trends on soil health information, or further knowledge of potential markets and more. As part of this step additional work may be done to transform the data so it is in optimal format for use, with the analysis in mind. At AxisTech we look to tailor our reports to the specific requirements of each client to ensure they include all-important insights. Thanks to technology, our experts can also log in remotely to access the data – as some of it is coming from a long way away!